Exhibitions and Events 2023

Feb 26-28,2023 SLAS (US)
Jul 25-27,2023 AACC (US)
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Meet us face-to-face at Chicago

HNP Mikrosysteme, Germany, and our USA office HNPM Corporation is pleased to announce
of exhibiting at the AACC exhibition at McCormack Place...
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Invitation to a dispensing webinar

Do you deal with small volumes of liquid? Precise metering and dosing is essential for the quality of your processes in production or research? Then...
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Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn

Recently, HNPM Corporation launched a new Facebook page in addition to our LinkedIn profile.
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HNP Mikrosysteme now at home on both sides of the Atlantic

HNP Mikrosysteme has now also made North America its home. HNPM Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary, was founded in Schaumburg, Illinois, Chicago...
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