A great team ensures availability and production

In the current situation, there are many regulations, requirements and restrictions that we are following with the highest priority. The situation is serious and we consider it as such. These rules protect our employees, guarantee continued high-quality customer service, ensure that production is maintained and our micropumps are shipped on time.

Separate early and late work shifts are in place, no visits to customers and suppliers, and home offices - all have an individual impact on the daily work of our employees. Our entire team is prepared for this. Everyone is aware of their responsibilities and together we ensure the efficiency of our company. Therefore:
Many thanks to our great employees.

We are in constant dialogue with our suppliers. We are meeting the increased demand for dosing pumps in analysis technology. Many years of trustful supplier cooperation has lead to, and continues with great results.
Many thanks to our reliable suppliers.

Several products are being developed, tested and produced, by our customers in the field of Life Science. A few applications deal with sample preparation for testing the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, as others are involved in research for vaccines and therapies against Covid-19.

Projects are also continuing, orders are being processed and research is being carried out in the chemical and mechanical engineering sectors. Every application is exciting for us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.
Many thanks to our unique and valued customers.

Stay healthy and stay in touch with us.

Yvonne Eilers, Thomas Weisener, Gerald Vögele
Management Board HNPM