For discrete dosage and continuous delivery

The controller S-BL is recommended for high requirements in control of discrete and continuous delivery tasks in combination with a mzr-pump with special brushless motor. The 16-bit microcontroller allows speed and position control for highly accurate dosage. The compact design on a PCB offers flexible installation. Process control link can be established via a  RS-232 interface. Motor speed or flow rate can be set either by an analog input (0-10 V) or a potentiometer mounted on the PCB. Programs for dosage can be saved in the memory.


  • High quality pump controller for continuous delivery and discrete dosage
  • For mzr-pumps with special brushless motor
  • Programming of controller with Windows® software »Motion Manager«
  • Potentiometer for speed set
  • Analog input 0-10 V
  • 1 digital input, input is equipped with a switch
  • 1 digital output, optionally programmable as input
  • Two colored LED status indicator
  • EEPROM memory
  • RS-232 interface

Technical data

  • Controller
    PI-controller, speed and position control
  • Supply voltage
    24 V DC (12 – 30 V)
  • Velocity range
    1 - 6.000 rpm
  • Voltage
    DIN 45323 socket, screw terminal
  • Pump connector
    DIN 45323 socket, screw terminal
  • Serial interface
    RS-232, SUB-D plug, 9-pole
  • Input # 1 (speed)
    0 - 10 V
  • Error output (input # 2)
    Open collector max. UB / 30 mA; no error: connected to GND; as input: low 0...0.5 V / high 4 V...UB
  • Digital inputs # 3
    low 0...0.5 V / high 4...30 V; input # 3 with switch
  • Program memory
    6,600 bytes
  • Protection class
    IP 20
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    approx. 112 x 85 x 36 mm
  • Weight
    approx. 170 g
  • Remarks
    Subject to technical changes.
  • Notice
    Even if single parameters are within the indicated performance range of technical data, certain parameter combinations may not be achievable. Single parameters may exceed their indicated performance range under adequate circumstances. For detailed evaluation please contact HNP Mikrosysteme. Actual performance may vary. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 
    This document is subject to change without notice.

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