Dosing systems for liquids

We designed compact dosing systems for a variety of applications. All systems are delivered ready-to-use and are configured according to customer specifications. You can rely on our many years of experience in the selection and configuration of fluidic components.

The heart of each dosing system is a self-priming micro annular gear pump. Other optional components include flow meters and flow controllers, pressure sensors, controls, filters, dosing valves, shut-off elements, screw-in fittings, adapters, hoses, pipes, dosing needles, cabinets, reservoirs and more.

Thus you get an individual, automated dosing system for liquids with an integrated micro pump. With the appropriate settings, it is a filling system for pharma ingredients, vaccines, APIs, cosmetics, oils, grease and much more.

Our sales team, consisting of chemists, physicists, biochemists, electrical and mechanical engineers, will provide you with comprehensive advice. We offer metering and dosing tests, control technology integration, and on-site support during commissioning.