Life Science


Mikropumps by HNP Mikrosysteme in analytical instrumentation

Analytical instrumentation

Innovative pipetting robot for laboratory applications and OEM integration. With their excellent precision micro annular gear pumps allow pipetting volume 1 µl to 1 ml using the same pump. > read more

Sample preparation with mzr-pumps by HNPM

Sample preparation for analytics

Integration of micro annular gear pumps allows automated sample preparation for a variety of analytical applications. Liquid handling with 2-4 channels and dosing volumes of 5 µl to 100 ml as well as pipetting in the range of 5 µl to 10 ml are possible. > read more

Applications with mzr-pumps, Chromatography, HNP Mikrosysteme

Micro pumps for chromatography

Micro annular gear pumps of the hermetic inert series are integrated in chromatography systems for purification od APIs, biomolecules and polypeptides. Their high chemical resistance and high precision delivering solvents are very important in this application. > read more


Other applications in Life Science

  • Diagnostics
  • Sampling
  • Biotechnology
  • Robotic sample processor
  • Particle analysis
  • Cell handling
  • DNA resp. RNA extraction and analysis
  • Bottling of medicines
  • Spray-coating of blood collection tubes
  • Silicone application on medical disposables
  • Coating of stents
  • Typing of blood samples


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