Functional module for mzr-pumps of the low pressure and magnetic hermetic series

The filter-pump functional module F-P allows the combination of micro annular gear pump and filter with short direct connections. The void volume of this compact system is low and the expenses of connecting elements are obsolete. The integrated wire mesh filter with a mesh size of 10 µm preventatively protects the pump and downstream fluidic micro structures from contamination with particles. Replacement of the easy accessible filter is uncomplicated, removing of the pump is unnecessary. The functional module can be used flexibly for several sizes of pumps of the low pressure and magnetic hermetic pump series. The modules can ideally be used for precise and reliable discrete and continuous dosing of volume flows from 0.15 to 72 ml/min. Applications in the field of analytical instrumentation, medical engineering and micro reaction technology as well as other.


  • Low void volume
    integration of micro annular gear pump and filter, short internal fluid connections
  • Compact dimensions, low weight
    40 x 22 x 35.5 mm, approx. 211 g (resp. without pump)
  • Flexible use for mzr-pumps of low pressure and magnetic hermetic pump series
    low pressure pump series: mzr-2521, mzr-2921, mzr-4622,
    magnetic hermetic pump series: mzr-296x, mzr-466x, all pumps with manifold assembly M2.1
  • Wide range of volume flows
    0.15 - 9 ml/min; 0.3 - 18 ml/min and 1.2 - 72 ml/min
  • Safety of operation through wire mesh filter
    protection of pump and downstream fluidic structures from particles
  • Easy replacement of pump and filter
    mounting of functional module via stainless steel sheet


  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Laboratory automation
  • Diagnostics
  • Biotechnology
  • Micro reaction technology
  • Research and Development

Technical data

  • Flow rate
    pump specific 0.15 - 72 * ml/min
  • Differential pressure range
    pump specific 0 – 1.5 bar; 0 – 3 bar; 0 – 5 bar *
  • Maximum inlet pressure
    1 bar
  • Liquid temperature range
    -20 ... +60 °C
  • Viscosity range
    0.3 - 100 mPas
  • Internal volume
    400 µl
  • Fluid connection
    1/4"-28 UNF
  • Mounting parts
    2x Ø3.4 mm, 2x M2.5x7
  • Filter
    mesh wire filter with mesh size 10 µm, filterarea 1.3 cm²
  • Wetted parts
    Filter: stainless steel 316L, static seals: FPM, optional: FFPM; EPDM, manifold adapter: stainless steel 316L
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    40 x 22 x 35.5 mm (without pump)
  • Weight
    approx. 211 g (without pump)
  • Remarks
    * pump specific value
  • Notice
    Even if single parameters are within the indicated performance range of technical data, certain parameter combinations may not be achievable. Single parameters may exceed their indicated performance range under adequate circumstances. For detailed evaluation please contact HNP Mikrosysteme. Actual performance may vary. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 
    This document is subject to change without notice.

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