Compact filters for diverse applications

Filters are used in fluidic systems to protect sensitive components from damage due to contamination and particles. For the safe operation of micro annular gear pumps and their precision-machined rotors, the use of a 10 µm meshed filter is recommended. With compact filter units made out of corrosion-resistant materials, with high filtration performance and different mesh sizes, HNP Mikrosysteme offers suitable filter solutions for all of its pump series.

The filter series F-MI2 is available in three different configurations. The »inlet filter«, without an external housing, is directly immersed in the liquid. The »inline filters« are designed to be installed downstream in the feed line, i.e. directly before the pump. The maintenance-friendly »T-design« offers the advantage of changing the filter element without having to uninstall the filter from the feed line, and the option to open the bottom for releasing medium or emptying the filter. Also, it is possible to implement a sensor for filter monitoring. This allows to detect pending maintenance or cleaning of the filter as well as a closed supply line. In the »T-version« the sensor is directly adaptable, for straight filters it can be integrated by adding a separate mounting block. To avoid sedimentation and cross-contamination the filters have small dead volumes and are manufactured with smooth surfaces (Ra 0.8).


  • Corrosion-resistant materials:
    stainless steel 316L or alloy C22 and FPM, FFPM or EPDM
  • Metal filter elements:
    without solder or adhesives
  • High filtration performance and small size:
    pleated filter elements for low pressure drops even at high flow rates and viscosities
  • Wide configuration variety:
    different body shapes and body materials, filter fineness and sealing materials
  • User-friendly and economical:
    filter elements can be cleaned or replaced

Functional principle




  • Electrical heating module
  • Filter monitoring
  • Mounting bracket (for Inline filter in T-shape)

Technical data

  • Type
    Inlet filter
    Inline filter (straight, T-shape)
  • Liquid temperature range
    Inlet filter: -20 ... +140 °C (-200 ... +275 °C)
    [-4 ... +284 °F (-328 ... +527 °F)] **
    Inline filter: -10 ... +140 °C (-50 ... +275 °C)
    [+14 ... +284 °F (-58 ... +527 °F)] *
  • Differential pressure range
    Inlet filter: -
    Inline filter: max. 20 bar [290 psi]
  • Operating pressure
    Inlet filter: -
    Inline filter: max. 200 bar [2900 psi]
  • Seal materials
    Inlet filter: -
    Inline filter: FPM, FFPM, EPDM
  • Materials
    Inlet filter: stainless steel 316L; optional: alloy C22 with adapter (PEEK or PVDF)
    Inline filter (straight): stainless steel 316L
    Inline filter (T-shape): stainless steel 316L; optional: alloy C22
  • Internal volume
    Inlet filter: -
    Inline filter (straight): 20 ml [1.22 in³]
    Inline filter (T-shape): 26 - 30 ml [1.59 - 1.83 in³] **
  • Dimensions (Ø x H)
    Inlet filter: Ø 20 x 63 ... 68.5 mm [Ø 0.787 x2.48 ... 2.697 in] **
    Inline filter (straight): Ø 32 x 86 mm [Ø 1.26 x 3.386 in]
    Inline filter (T-shape): Ø 44 x 91 mm [Ø 1.732 x 3.56 in] (Servicing height for filter element exchange 95 mm [3.74 in])
  • Fluid connection
    1/8" NPT internal thread
  • Filter fineness
    10 µm; optional: 3 µm, 25 µm, 40 µm, 100 µm **
  • Filter area
    61 - 72 cm² [9.5 - 11.2 in²] ***
  • Weight
    Inlet filter: approx. 60 g [2.16 oz]
    Inline filter (straight): approx. 420 g [14.82 oz]
    Inline filter (T-shape): approx. 560 - 610 g [19.75 - 21.52 oz] **
  • Remarks
    * depending on seal material
    ** depending on material
    *** depending on filter fabric
  • Notice
    Even if single parameters are within the indicated performance range of technical data, certain parameter combinations may not be achievable. Single parameters may exceed their indicated performance range under adequate circumstances. For detailed evaluation please contact HNP Mikrosysteme. Actual performance may vary. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 
    This document is subject to change without notice.

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